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Custom Kitchen Fine Cabinetry in Montreal

If you are looking for space saving options to maximize your kitchen space for utility and storage, turn to MeMo Kitchens. Located in Montreal, we offer quality kitchen fine cabinetry along with smart cabinetry options for office, library, entertainment centers, wall units, closets, and vanities. We design, engineer, manufacture, and install residential cabinetry of all kinds and make. 

Our products and services

Kitchen Cabinets

We offer

Custom designs
Cabinet repairs
Kitchen cabinetry
Cabinet hardware/accessories

Related Products

Bathroom cabinetry
Entertainment units
Laundry room cabinetry
Home office cabinetry
Bedroom cabinetry
Living room cabinetry

Cabinet Door & Drawer Types

Partial overlay
Full overlay (euro style)

Material Types

Red oak
Medium density fibreboard
Textured L.P.L (melamine)

If you are a homeowner, builder, millwork contractor, interior designer, or architect, write to us via mail about your requirements and we shall get back soon. After signing the contract you can connect to us both by mail and phone. We offer free estimates and tax-free services for seniors.


Benjamin Moore





Our procedure of the job is as follows:

Measurement- taken by MeMo

Communication with client to discuss the requirements

First Payment

Appliances List- provided by the customer

Initial layout design provided by MeMo

Revisions (review all details, material and colour of cabinets and doors, handles, and much more)

Customer final approval (copy of final layouts sent to other contractors)

Second payment

Shop drawing- finalizing technical details

Engineering for the product

Program cabinet boxes, doors, drawers for CNC to cut Manufacturing

Third payment

CNC Cutting and band edge assembling

In the shop installation of final product

Last payment

Custom Designs for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Why settle for regular pre-made designs when you can have them customized to your liking?

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