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For Modern Living : Residential Fine Cabinetry in North York

As the cost of living increases in metro cities, it is not uncommon to have a small space to use as your residential or business area. This issue can be resolved by furniture that can be manipulated to give you an ample amount of floor space to help you and your family or co-workers stay comfortable. It is because of this reason we at MeMo listen to your ideas and lifestyle to provide practical furniture solutions. Hence, if you reside in North York and require quality residential fixed furniture, just drop us a mail and we shall get back to you at the earliest. We offer free estimates and provide our services tax-free for senior residents.

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eTake for example, the activity of preparing a meal in your kitchen. It is important that the distances between surfaces should be as minimal as possible. This is why it is always a good idea to divide your kitchen into particular zones such as cooking zone, cleaning areas, to save time and energy. At MeMo Kitchens, design and creation are our priority. We assess the workflow of a space and provide fine cabinetry solutions to maximize the practicality of spaces by creating storage areas. We organize all your spaces in your home with you in mind: kitchen, office, library, entertainment centers, wall units, closets, and vanities.

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